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Hello everybody, and welcome to Uncle Tim's amazing website!

It's 2009, and Uncle Tim is coming out of retirement!

Back at the Dickensian Festival in Ulverston in November

Appearance Times now available!

Hello parents and children,
Uncle Tim and Fifi Le Flea will be walking round town throughout the weekend,
and are just hoping to meet you!

Don't let your spirits be cast down by the miserly Fleabenezer Scrooge!
And, be on your guard in case The Black Noir,
the most evil flea in the world,
revisits our happy festival.

The spirit of the fleas brings fun and laughter,
whenever parents and children gather together.

Here you can learn all about Uncle Tim's Flea Circus, the famous Fifi Le Flea, and the most evil flea in the world, the Black Noir!

Go to Fifi's Story for more information!

Triumph on the Edinburgh Fringe!!

Fifi has once more defeated the world's most evil flea, the Black Noir, even though helped in his cruel attack on Fifi by his fanatical Scottish cousins, the McItchy Clan of Glen Scratchmore. Here's Uncle Tim and his helper Daisy in the thick of witnessing the struggle.

Read the full story of the Fleas on the Fringe!

Here's another picture of Uncle Tim, staging his world famous flea circus.

This one was held at the Dickensian Festival in Ulverston, Cumbria in November 2003, where Fifi was pitched against the horrible Fleabenizer Scrooge! This lady seems very relieved Uncle Tim found that escaped flea!

Uncle Tim is very proud of his new stage, which he is showing off here during the Dickensian Festival. Tim is very grateful to local artist Ronky Bullard, who designed and painted it, and who has a studio above The Bookshop at The Tinners Rabbit in Ulverston.

Now I'm sure you want to know more about Fifi - so off you go!

If you'd like to send a flea-mail to Uncle Tim, click here.


Uncle Tim's Flea Circus, Ulverston, Cumbria, England                                                   Copyright 2003

October 2009